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Newly Updated! Site updates daily!
Visit us daily at HOTBUYNOW.COM
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Ebook Readers / Ebooks / Books / Textbooks                                                         Winter 2013                                                                     

Have we really entered                                              the digital book revolution?

Now you can push a button and in seconds your
favorite book or magazine appears right before
your eyes for you to enjoy. Paperback books,
hardcover books and print magazines without a
doubt still have the largest following, but, digital
ebook reader devices are here and are now one of
the hottest tech items to own if you like reading,
content, books, ebooks, magazines and the ability
to get information instantaneously. So maybe you
are thinking: why not just use your laptop, pc,
iphone or netbook to read those books?  
Convenience - speed in accessibility, ease of use
/reduced eye strain, increased battery life, and
content availability are precisely some of the
reasons more and more people are buying digital
ebook readers like hotcakes. Simply put, these
days many of us want our information and content
instantaneously. The fact that ebook readers give
you the freedom to access just about any book you
want in 60 seconds, a menu of thousands of books, blogs plus magazines to choose from and the
ability to read that content anywhere and anytime is
what really makes the digital ebook reader
appealing. Say you are at Atlanta's Hartsfield
Jackson airport and your plane is delayed or you're
on a train from DC to New York and want to read
your favorite book. Many have found the ebook
readers handy at times like these. Simply pull out
your ebook reader and enjoy. For avid book
readers, deciding whether to hit the "buy now"
button and get an ebook reader is a no brainer.   
So should you buy the Amazon Kindle , Nook, the
Sony Reader, Kindle Fire or another ebook reader?  Our focus  at hotbuynow.com is to provide you with the facts,  essential info and  answers you need as it relates  to how the top ebook readers work and which  ebook readers will provide you with the most value in 2013. read on below......

TEXTBOOKS WANTED:                               

Sell Your Textbooks

Sell your Textbooks Online       

Get Cash for your Textbooks, we'll buy them

What is the easiest way to sell textbooks online?  See Answer

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HOTBUYNOW.COM  2013 Top E-Book Reader
Amazon Kindle  (3G + Wifi & Keyboard)
Apple iPAD
3.  Barnes and Noble NOOK                                             4.  Sony Reader Touch Edition        

Books Top Links 

Fiction Books

1. 11th Hour, James Patterson

2. Deadlocked, Charlaine Harris

3. Bring up the Bodies, Hilary Mantel

4. The Road to Grace, Richard Evans

5. In One Person, John Irving   


Non-Fiction Books

1. The Passage of Power, Robert Carro

2. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, Anna Quindlen

3. Screwed, Dick Morris

4. Most Talkative, Andy Cohen

5. PRAGUE WINTER, Madeleine Albright


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True Stories

Childrens Books

Literature & Fiction Books

Manuscripts / Writer / Manuscript Books

Business & Investing Books    ebooks


Essentially an ebook reader is a portable device
that lets you read books, magazines, blogs,
newspapers and various content you've
downloaded from numerous database sources and
the internet. We might add the Amazon Kindle has
a basic web browser built in so you can now do
some basic internet surfing via their free
wireless network. Are all ebook readers the same?
Not really. There are differences among the ebook
readers on the market.  Mainly, differences in
features, price and content / book accessibility and
ebook reader text / file formats.  Also, ebook  
reader manufacturers cut deals with book sellers,
authors, publishers etc. and the selection of books
available varies depending on which ebook reader
you buy.  Some ebook manufactures  have a huge
library of titles while others have a limited selection.
For instance, if you are looking for a  New York
Times best seller, it may be offered for immediate
download to one ebook reader device like the
Amazon Kindle and not the other. Did someone
just say: What?  Yes, that's right.  Additionally,
some ebook readers support open source (epub)
and offer many formats for downloading all types of
content from the internet and various ebook reader
sites. While some ebook  readers have their own
"in-house" downloadable formats and tend to focus
on a centralized library of books and magazines
you can choose from. So when considering formats it makes sense to "check the content" offered for
that ebook reader prior to buying it. Be sure to find
out if books and content you like  reading are easily accessible and immediately available to download.
Hotbuynow.com Key point: If you are into current
magazines  or New York Times Best Sellers for
instance, take a look at the ebook reader's content
library and selection of titles and do a detailed
search to confirm that your favorite magazine,
newspaper, blog or book is available for the ebook

reader you are considering prior to buying it. Read On...>
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