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Payday Loans  Call 1-877-293-5178

Emergency Loans  Call 1-866-943-9108

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PAID SURVEYS - Step by Step   

December 2014

Paid Surveys  are for anyone who wants to use their laptop, iPad, desktop pc, iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phone, Smartphone or tablet to earn cash online by filling out and completing a paid survey. You answer questions and share your opinions and get paid for them.

There are many surveys that you can do online (a lot of them don't pay). These surveys are all Paid Surveys and pay the most! Companies want to know what you think so they can improve their products and services. Your time is worth money. Do paid surveys and earn cash online by answering questions about products and services. To get paid and to start taking paid surveys go to the top surveys Paid Surveys for profit

Paid Surveys are an easy way to earn cash online. The Key is getting the top paid legit surveys and the ones that actually pay. Basically, you share your honest opinions about new products and services. Paid Surveys are an easy way to earn extra cash online. You won't get rich doing paid surveys but you can make extra money each month by doing them. How much? Paid Online Survey takers can earn on average from $50 to $100 or more per month just for answering questions and sharing opinions. How? They do the top paid surveys online. There is a difference as all paid surveys are not created equal. You can earn more by focusing on the Top Paid Surveys. Some survey takers can make a lot more and others may make less. Keep in mind that payouts vary and how much you make is dependent on a couple of factors but normally, the more paid surveys you do the more you can earn + get paid.

Need a Cash Loan?

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Top Paid Surveys +  Earn More MONEY Tips:


1.   Join Multiple Paid Survey Companies for free. We've listed 3 reputable ones below. Keep in mind that The Top Paid Surveys are free to join. Joining more than one survey company with top paid surveys can help you increase survey invitations which can equal to more money for you.  To start:

      you can try these: Surveys for Profit  

      Highly recommended Paid Surveys ( USA only) 

      & also try:
Top Paid Surveys Worldwide (most countries)



2.    Be Honest when creating your profile and be honest when taking the surveys. Be sure to read the questions carefully and answer them honestly. Most Paid Surveys take on average 20 to 25 minutes to complete. Companies want real people with honest opinions that help them improve their products and services. Honesty and integrity can lead to more survey invitations for you. More survey invitations equals more money.

3.   Be patient You may start off with only a few surveys a month. Don't worry and be patient as the market changes demand can also increase. In time, you should get more and more survey invitations if you follow the advice in this guide.

4.   Respond Fast! Link your main email for Paid Surveys to your smartphone or cell phone email so you can always access and receive survey invitations as soon as they are emailed to you. Surveys are usually first come first serve so being fast and responding quickly can often equal making more money ( not all surveys are created equal).


The Top Paid Surveys list Dec 2014

**note valid email & contact information is required to sign up to become a paid survey taker:

Paid Surveys for profit

Global Top Paid Surveys

Earn Cash Online - Complete online surveys

Recommended Paid Surveys (usa only)


Need Cash? Try Paid Surveys & Earn Money Online

Surveys for Profit


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FYI - Dec  2014 - Most Popular Surveys on 

Hot Buy Now:


      Wonder what survey topics are available to you? We've included a list of the most popular product and services surveys for Nov 2013:

      Food & Drink surveys, Restaurant surveys, Beverages,Soft drink surveys, Alcohol surveys, Coffee Surveys, Shopping surveys, Fashion surveys, Groceries Surveys, School Surveys, Clothng, Surveys,  Household product Surveys, Gadgets surveys, Mobile phones Surveys, Smartphone surveys, Electronics surveys, Website surveys, Tablet computer surveys, E-readers surveys, Entertainment movies surveys, Video games surveys, Televisions Surveys, Television Shows surveys, Newspaper surveys, Auto electric surveys, Search Engine surveys, Analytic surveys, Car surveys, Trucks surveys, Toy surveys, Motorcycles surveys, Off-road vehicles surveys, Jewelry surveys, Diamond surveys, Movies surveys, Bracelet sports surveys, Music surveys, Album CD surveys, Sports surveys, Hotel surveys, Travel surveys,

      Food Tasting surveys, Sports surveys

    Dec 2014 -  Paid Survey Demographics Eligible Countries                                      The Top Paid Surveys are now                  
for  the following countries:

Czech Republic

Hong Kong
Korea, South

New Zealand 
Saudi Arabia
South Africa


United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America



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