Buying 3G, 4G Cell Phones & Smartphones
1.  Buying 3G, 4G Cell Phones and The Cell Phone Wars
 2.  New! 2013 Unlocked versus Locked Cell Phones   
3.  The 3G, 4G Network & Selecting the Best Wireless Carrier
 4. Wireless Service: The Best Wireless Customer Service

July 2013
Beam me up Scotty! Though you can't beam up
Scotty just yet, today's cell phones and
smartphones have something for just about
everyone. To say the smartphone market is Hot!
is simply an understatement. For consumers and
businesses, now more than ever, there are more
cell phone handset choices plus apps and
features to choose from. The whole process of
buying a cell phone handset + choosing the right
cell phone plan can be overwhelming with so much
 information to decipher and features to go over. has done the analysis for you. Get
the rundown on what's hot now in wireless and find
out how the new 2013 phones compare in value to
the industry leaders Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy
S4 and Android. Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy
S4 or new iPhone 5  via 
Verizon,   AT&T  or Sprint
 -  and is it time to sign up    with 
Verizon Wireless,
 AT&T a pre-paid  plan or a no  contract plan?  and.. 
how  do you know  if you need a 3g or 4g handset+
which  cell  phone plan should you choose?  We'll find
out as we explore the world of wireless, 3g, 4g and smartphones.  

Wireless Carriers -
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It makes sense to start off by asking some important questions like: Is it more important for you to have a great customer  service team behind your purchase or are you more focused on rates, network reach and call quality?  
In other words, will your phone do all of the things you want it to, work in all of the places that you roam and if you have a problem will the service provider be there to assist you. The reality check: There's a good chance that whichever carrier + cell phone handset you choose you'll find many differences among the carriers relating to quality of products, features and level of customer service offered. At we'll focus on the facts as far as who has been leading in the areas of
wireless products/service and who is taking the
lead right now in wireless as it relates to the best
cell phone service, support and handset best bets right now.

Top 10 US Cell Phone Carriers*
2. AT&T
3. Sprint Nextel
4. T-Mobile
5. US Cellular
6. Metro PCS
7. Leap Wireless          

8. Centennial
9. Rural Cellular
10. Clear Wire

*estimated ranking based on number of  current customers        


SMARTPHONES & the Cell Phone Wars

Dude! Your phone is old!  Go get a smartphone.
With the introduction of the iPhone, Captain Steve
Jobs and Apple have set the bar for the next
generation of cell phones & smartphones. With
that said, the challengers are now on the horizon
and the battle of the cell phones has just begun.
Which phones are challenging the iPhone for the
top spot and what's hot now in Wireless?
Smartphones are without a doubt the hottest area
in wireless. These sophisticated cell phones offer
consumers on demand multimedia/video, business                 
apps, voice, data and wi-fi internet

3g and 4g explained on

 Buying a Locked versus  Unlocked Phone                   

3g and 4g explained on = > 

<= Buying a Locked versus unlocked cell phone 


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